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One of the most important aspects of peer support is the quality of training you receive and how well you maintain and update your peer support skills. Until now, in Canada, ICISF CISM trained peers have had limited access to the supports and services recommended in establishing, maintaining, and delivering a truly robust ICISF CISM peer support program.  ICISF-Canada fills this gap by assisting peers, who are members of a registered team, with staying current on trends, provide updates on training by offering consultation on sustaining a CISM team.
For those organizations interested in establishing an ICISF CISM Peer Support team, our organization provides free consultation and resources.
ICISF-Canada’s mandate is to establish and maintain a robust national network of ICISF CISM Peers who operate on teams, believe in high fidelity to the established and evidence supported model, and who see the benefit of joining a network of like-minded people for support, guidance, and a sense of connectedness in the important work that ICISF CISM Peers do for their community of practice.
ICISF-Canada endeavours to provide such supports at no cost for eligible members, who hold a membership with ICISF, and who have invested their time to train and deliver this type of support to their peers.
ICISF-Canada’s Board of Directors are dedicated to raising funds to support this work. ICISF-Canada is committed to ensuring programs that are developed to aid peers in their work are placed in the public domain and are freely accessible to those who meet the criteria for registration to join a peer network.
On-going training is provided to those trained peers who meet the criteria and join the national network. Benefits include “free online refreshers”, webinars, seminars, and first priority for registration in ICISF-Canada training.
ICISF-Canada and Research
ICISF-Canada supports, collaborates, and contributes to academic research. We believe in the ICISF Model of CISM peer support, but equally important is our belief in the scientific rigor of demonstrating the impact that such a program can have on the wellbeing of Canada’s public safety personnel.

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What is an ICISF Approved Instructor?

An ICISF Approved Instructor has been certified by an ICISF Faculty member to instruct a particular ICISF Course. Only an ICISF Approved Instructor may teach an ICISF Course and provide certification to those completing the training.

ICISF Approved Instructors are invited to join ICISF-Canada, provided that they comply with the current standards ensuring:

  1. They have knowledge and competence to train based on a specific organizational culture, (e.g., fire, EMS, law enforcement, etc.).
  2. They adhere to the established ICISF Standards with a high fidelity to the model throughout their training.
  3. They do not use any material in the training that is not approved by ICISF.
  4. They have maintained their skills by attending refresher training annually.
  5. That they subscribe to the training and development of peer teams.
  6. They do not provide training to individuals or organizations for which the ICISF Model of peer support is not intended to serve.
  7. They are a resident of Canada and have a proven history of delivering quality training.
  8. They follow the ICISF-Canada CISM Best Practices and Procedures Manual.

To learn more about what an ICISF Approved Instructor is and how to become one go to:

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